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The ladies of the Rubona Women’s and Orphans Development Project are well on the way to self-sustainability and we couldn’t be happier for them. The women make local crafts which they sell (pictured with the children) and they have recently started growing mushrooms of which they have just reaped their first harvest (pictured). The funds they raise go towards caring for the many children in their community left struggling without parents and will provide a livelihood for the families involved.

Mushroom growing, Rubona, Uganda

Mushroom growing, Rubona, Uganda

Edirisa UK are busy raising funds for a series of projects we have stared at Rubona. Firstly, we are keen to grow their sustainable projects and are working with the craft women on imaginative products using quality materials as well as kick starting their business initiatives, such as the mushrooms. Secondly, we are planning a construction project to build an orphanage and nursery school.

We are enormously proud of these caring and sensitive women who have pulled together to help the needy in their communities and to find better ways to help themselves out of poverty. We hope we can continue working with these hardworking and very humbling ladies whose proud smiles speak for themselves.



Rubona kids and crafts, Uganda

Rubona kids and crafts, Uganda

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