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Edirisa UK? Ooo what a “crafty” charity.

Ugandan crafts - Backpack

Ugandan crafts - Backpack

As a charity working on development initiatives in Uganda, rather than just handing out money, one of the first local projects that Edirisa got involved in was Women’s Crafts Groups. Over the years the Edirisa Society has worked with them to develop and sell their crafts and are always looking for new and innovative ideas that will help the women’s crafts stand out from the crowd.

How many people go on holiday and come home with a local carving, traditional musical instrument or woven nicknack? Tourists are captivated by African crafts but the issue of suitcase space always poses a problem. Recently, one of our Austrian volunteers, Nicole, sat down with our Ugandan tailor, Rosette, to develop some different kitenge (regional local fabric craft) products, small enough to be packed up and flown home.

Ugandan crafts - Apron

Ugandan crafts - Apron

Next Nicole travelled to Uganda’s capital, Kampala, with Phionah (the head mistress of our Nursery Schools, who also heads up crafts with Rosette) to source new and interesting fabrics and materials. Nicole is also working with 2 of the Bufuka village basket makers on some new basket ideas and different weaving techniques and patterns. This will give the woman more diverse product and hopefully drive their sales.

Proceeds from the sale of these goods is funded straight back into their community where it is needed most. It also gives these women a sense of achievement, pride and self worth.

Lastly, Edirisa UK will soon be receiving donated sewing and knitting machines from the charity ‘Workaid’ in the UK. http://www.workaid.org May we say a great big thank you to them. These machines will be given to the Women’s Crafts Groups that we work with.

Watch a video about Edirisa crafts here http://vimeo.com/3607880

Learn more about the crafts made in southwestern Uganda here http://edirisa.org/index.php?category=14

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