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Ugandan Special Needs Education With Thanks To Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem paining SNEC

Carpe Diem painting SNEC

Creativity is a big part of the Edirisa ethos and so with that in mind we were delighted to host a particularly creative group of volunteers from Carpe Diem this month.

Carpe Diem (www.carpediemeducation.org) is an educational “semester abroad” for students in the USA who want to travel and learn about other cultures. Whilst visiting Edirisa UK this semester the students were able to stay in our newly built volunteer accommodation at the Special Needs Education Centre (SNEC) in Kitanga, South West Uganda.

Volunteers spent their mornings giving the new dining room and kitchen a beautiful makeover and led creative workshops with the children in the afternoons. During these workshops the children at SNEC painted personalised T-Shirts, with designs ranging from cars and flowers to names and self-portraits. After watching the volunteers paint the dining room the children were very excited to have the opportunity to get their hands on the paint brushes themselves!

Carpe Diem paining SNEC

Carpe Diem painting SNEC

The enthusiasm and energy of these volunteers was boundless and even after a long day of painting and teaching, the evenings often found the visitors playing games with the children.

Here is a snippet from Carpe Diem’s own blog – “There were a few kids that really touched our hearts. Rebecca believed everyone was her personal jungle gym. Peter is Peter – there really is no other way to describe him except that he gets super excited and smiles with all of his teeth. Joel didn’t really have boundaries and was especially drawn to the boys, copying their style and swag.”(http://www.carpediemeducation.org/blog/category/east-africa-uganda-tanzania-rwanda)

Edirisa UK would like to echo SNEC Headmaster Peter Kiiza and give “a great thank you for the tremendous work Carpe Diem have done!” We hope to see you back as Edirisa volunteers again one day.

SNEC and Carpe Diem

SNEC and Carpe Diem

* Children and adults with Special Needs have been marginalised in Uganda for many years and as a result schools such as SNEC are often in the early stages of developing and are greatly under-funded. As well as supporting SNEC Edirisa also works with the district health and education offices to develop a culture of awareness and ensure that teachers in our mainstream schools are also trained to deal with special educational needs.

Amongst our many projects at SNEC, Edirisa UK is currently fundraising to bring electricity to the school, which is home to over 60 children from all over Kabale district.

Please click here if you would like to donate to this project and help us bring a little more light into this area of the education system.

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