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A Health Workshop at Ryabirengye Primary School

A lesson on health

A lesson on health

Last week marked World AIDS day and Edirisa Volunteers have been doing their part to educate children at our Teach Inn Bukinda location. Maria Ebert and Johanna Kreft have already gained a reputation as honorary “Muzungu doctors” in the Ryabirengye community having spent the past few months providing antiseptics and bandages to injured children and accompanying extreme cases to the local health centre.  Building on their success they worked with teachers and district health officers to provide a full day of health education at Ryabirengye Primary School.

Workshops included; HIV (led by Dr. Immaculate), Sanitation and Cleanliness (led by Dr Moses), Malaria (led by Dr. Peter), Adolescent Health for Girls (led by Agata and Naomi, medical students), Adolescent Health for Boys (led by Headmaster Kenneth) and First Aid (led by Phionah, medical student).

Maria cooking lunch

Maria cooking lunch

The day was a resounding success, and even teachers found they had added to their knowledge of health issues. The District Health Officer was also impressed by the work the girls have done and is looking forward to working with Edirisa on more Health Education projects in future.

A huge congratulations to Maria and Johanna who funded and organised the whole day (including a home-cooked local meal for the guest speakers). Their hard-work and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated by the community and by Edirisa UK.

Children in the Health Workshop

Children in the Health Workshop

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