Christmas Celebrations

Top Nursery student with his mother

Top Nursery student with his mother

Christmas is almost here and our nursery schools have all ended the academic year with excited children, proud parents and lively celebrations. In Uganda the schools run from February to December and so our Christmas celebrations were also a chance to congratulate our graduates in Top Class who will move up to Primary One next term.

At Lake Bunyonyi the graduation ceremony was held in Kyabahinga church, with parents from Bufuka crossing the lake to see the performances and honour their children. In a country where rural education is often neglected (with families preferring children to help in the fields) it was great to see such a high turnout of parents. The ceremony was presided over by our Mushomesa (church leader) Edirisa’s Head of Nurseries, Ashaba Phionah .

Students from each class performed songs, dances and drama sketches, with thoughtful messages from both of the graduating classes. Bufuka children asked the audience to take care on the road and “avoid dangerous driving”, whilst the Kyabahinga class reminded everyone of the importance of education.

Kitten in the play

Kitten in the play

Of course the highlight of any function in Kabale is the traditional Kikiga dancing, this time led by the smallest students. Anyone who has been lucky enough to participate will know that the drums and dances become more energetic and exciting as they progress and although the performances began with only our nursery children, they culminated with parents jumping in too; the church floor thumping and dust flying into the air!

There was also lots of dancing and singing in Bukinda as school ended. Our volunteers Maria and Johanna organised a Christmas concert, which combined new songs taught by the girls and traditional songs led by music teacher Joseph.

Xmas celebration at Ryabirengye

Xmas celebration at Ryabirengye

At the end of performances Operations Manager Lewis Dixon looked back over the past year, thanking parents and students for all of their hard work and looking forward to all that we have planned for Edirisa UK in 2012 (and there will be a lot going on so watch this space!)

Overall it has been a great ending to the term and welcoming of the Christmas season! To Edirisa volunteers and supporters around the world: Kulika Christmas from all of us in Uganda!

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