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Books for Children

Over 300 Primary Schools in Kabale District received two books with Folktales of Bakiga people

The 2 books

The 2 books

Over the last three years Edirisa  Slovenia has implemented projects with the main goal of improving the reading culture in the Kabale District. Among many other activities they have recently published two books: one for beginners (lower classes) and one for upper classes of Primary School. Both books are written in Rukiga (local language) and English (official language in Uganda).

The reading culture in Uganda is poor and there is a lack of reading materials, especially in local language (which is now included in the school curriculum). Irma and Marta from Edirisa Slovenia have worked hard over the last few years installing libraries in the area and promoting reading with teachers and pupils.

Students from six Secondary Schools in the Kabale District were invited to collect the folk tales. A group of professors and teachers from Kabale selected the best stories. So, everything was done in Kabale; writing, illustrating, printing etc.

Proud Secondary School Students

Proud Secondary School Students

Irma says:

“Both books are great! Teachers and children love them!

We have  proved that good books can be made  in Uganda and that there is no need to only value books which originate in western world.”

This project didn’t only benefit the Primary Schools. Secondary School students collected the folk tales, it was a valuable experience in researching their own culture. When they saw their stories in real books they were extremely proud and happy. Hopefully they will now value their culture and their local language more. The activities of the project will contribute to a better reading culture, better education and so a better life.”

Irma teaching

Irma teaching

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