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Water is Life – Edurida’s Story

Edurida is one of the beneficiaries of our water provision project in partnership with the Diocese of Kigezi. In March 2010 her tank was built with funds raised at the Live and Don’t Let Die Event in London – a collaboration between Edirisa UK and fresh2o.  In a society where women are regarded as secondary citizens, a woman with a disability faces a double disadvantage in her life. Read her story below:

Edurida and her brother

Edurida and her brother

“I was born without arms. My father took me to the hospital and they announced my birth on the radio, asking for support and prayers. Some Muzungus (white people) heard that announcement and they wanted to take me away. My father refused. He and my mother told them they could not give their daughter away; they loved me. When he came back to the village people were advising my father to kill me, but others were kind to us.

Some parents with disabled children are ashamed; my parents were not like this. They also had another child with Special Needs; my younger brother Vincent is mentally handicapped and also has a problem with his hands. They loved us and they sent me to school. I was writing with my feet and the other children loved me. I managed to finish Primary 7 but I was unable to go to Secondary level because my parents died.

With both parents gone I became responsible for my brother and myself. My brother is able to help me around the house but he cannot do things alone; I am the one who instructs him. We work together and we have a good relationship. I can do things with my feet, so when we are cooking he is preparing the food and I can prepare fire. My brother can’t refuse to do something when I ask him.

At times we do struggle but our neighbours help us. We grow our food and when there is a surplus we can sell it and make money. I save this money and I use it to pay those people who are helping us with digging.

Our neighbours would also help us to carry water. Sometimes they could do it for free but other times we would have to pay them. Vincent would also go to fetch water but it is very difficult for him. He can only carry 10 litres at a time and he struggles to carry things with his weak hands. It would take him one hour to bring the water and he would have to go twice in a day; when he arrived back he was exhausted.

Having a water tank has changed our lives. Vincent can stay helping me at home and we don’t lose money, paying people to bring water for us. I’m very, very grateful that we were given the tank because it makes our lives a lot easier.

If I could give other people living with disability a piece of advice it would be to have faith and to look to God. Sometimes things are so difficult and you can’t imagine that people will ever come to help you.  We were also struggling to get water; now we have been given a tank. I don’t worry about the future because I work hard and I am hopeful that God will continue to keep us in this way.”

Edurida with Rev Reuben, her brother and Milton Nkurunungi

Edurida with Rev Reuben, her brother and Milton Nkurunungi

In 2010 Edirisa UK and fresh2o installed 50 tanks at the homes of the elderly and disabled in the hills around Kabale and have just provided more funds for a further 8 tanks to be installed.  If you would like to contribute towards a water tank you can donate through the Big Give https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/donate/donate.php?charity_id=7758

 Elderly recipients

Elderly recipients
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    Nice to see Rebecca’s name in this story.

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