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Edirisa Slovenia – helping the Batwa, a Ugandan Tribe

Edirisa Society Slovenia (in cooperation with AICM – Uganda, Edirisa Ltd – Uganda and Association Matafir – Slovenia) is running a project which addresses one of the most vulnerable groups in Uganda – indigenous people  – Batwa (Pygmies). The project which is focussed on access of their children to primary education is also partly supported by the Slovenian Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The Batwa people are the original inhabitants of the forests of Central and Eastern Africa.  Over the years the establishment of national parks, particularly where the mountain gorillas live, has forced the Batwa out of their traditional hunting grounds and they are now struggling to survive in the most remote areas on the edges of the forest.

In the Kabale District only 30-40% of Batwa children attend primary school. Even those who attend school don’t do so regularly, missing more than 50% of lessons, they don’t participate actively and seldom complete Primary Education.

Batwa women during the craftmaking training

Batwa women during the craftmaking training

The main reasons for the poor school attendance are poverty, discrimination, a lack of understanding and value of their culture from the general population. Hopefully, as awareness of their plight increases, more Batwa children will attend Primary School which nowadays seems to be the only way out of the misery and humiliation they are facing in everyday life.

The project is focussing on empowering the Batwa people (especially women) in a variety of ways;  agricultural training;  craft making;  raising awareness of their situation;  reducing the discrimination they are facing and promoting their culture.

Edirisa Society Slovenia will be making a documentary film and publishing a book about Batwa Folk Tales.  They will have presentations of their work in the villages and in Kabale and Kampala.

Batwa women enjoying themselves

Batwa women enjoying themselves

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