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Happy International Women’s Day

Here at Edirisa UK we love the Ugandan culture and we’re working hard to promote and preserve it. Scattered right across the country are groups of hard working women creating beautiful traditional crafts to sell to both locals and, of course, tourists. One thing people always notice about the people of Uganda are the brightly coloured clothes and beautiful fabric prints, or Kitengye, as they are called in Uganda. We’ve been working with various women’s craft groups across the Kabale region in South West Uganda in an effort to boost their sales, shake up the products on offer and improve quality…and why? To give these women a sense of pride, a sustainable income and to promote the diverse and colourful culture that Uganda has to offer.

Vian and Rose working together

Vian and Rose working together

In February we welcomed Rose Tushabe as our new resident tailor. She took over from Vian (a student tailor doing an internship with us over the Christmas period) in February and has recently held workshops with women’s craft groups in Rubona (Lake Bunyonyi) and Ryabirengye (Bukinda) teaching sewing skills. Although proficient in traditional basket making these women had never sewed before and had difficulty even getting the needle to move! But Rose had everything in hand and by the end of the workshop they had picked up the basics are were able to make purses and simple bags.

“Going to the women in the villages and teaching them in sewing was a great experience for me. The women were very welcoming, interested and eager to learn new things. This workshop was very good for the community but also for the women’s personal development.“ (Tailor Rose Tushabe)

Learning to Sew

Learning to Sew

During the workshop the women also had the opportunity to improve their basket making skills and were introduced to new woven products and taught how to improve the quality of their goods.

We place great importance on the role of women in African communities. Besides being responsible for domestic work and raising children, women are often the main provider of the family. With two sewing machines currently at Rubona and one at Ryabirengye (donated by Edirisa UK) the women’s groups in rural communities are getting the opportunity to develop a new source of income for themselves and their families.

This is just the beginning for these workshops and we plan to continue introducing craft women to different kinds of Kitengye products and encourage them to realise their own potential.

Rubona Women sewing training

Rubona Women sewing training

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