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Bringing Medicine back to Bunyonyi

In a belated celebration of International Women’s Day the Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, speaker of Ugandan Parliament, visited the construction site of Edirisa UK’s new clinic last week. She visited to express her appreciation for all the facility will do to help combat maternal mortality around Lake Bunyonyi and to recognise the female influence on the project (the project manager, district engineer and supervising clinical officer are all women).  She was accompanied by Ministers and MP’s from across Kabale district.

Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga

Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga

Edirisa UK began construction of an outpatients department on Bwama Island in response to the healthcare problem on Lake Bunyonyi. Despite the recent spike in development around the lake the majority of the local population still lives without access to basic medical care, with some residents travelling up to three hours to receive treatment. Built on land donated by The Church of Uganda, the clinic will be staffed and supplied by the District Health Office, with equipment, additional medication and volunteer Doctors provided by The University of Ljubljana’s (UL) Tropical Medicine Section in Slovenia.

Edirisa UK’s founder Sheila Windridge says that this has been a long-anticipated project for Edirisa, who have hosted volunteer doctors from UL for several years. “We wanted to provide better conditions for the volunteers and so help them better serve the community. It was our original intention to build at mainland Bufuka where we’re predominantly based, however the government partnership at Bwama Island was a welcome surprise and we’re very happy that the clinic will be sustained and monitored by the Health Department.”



District Health Officer, Dr. Patrick Tusiime also points out that this is something of a medical renaissance for Bwama Island. Under the management of Dr Sharp it famously housed thousands of leprosy patients from across Central and East Africa. At that time the island was chosen to isolate patients from the rest of the community, however now the site has been identified due to its central point on the lake and consequent accessibility for patients.

When completed the clinic will function as a Health Centre III, with an Out-Patients Department, Overnight and Maternity Wards. Although large the facility is expected to be completely autonomous in its power generation and water supply. “We have a big responsibility to make sure that this facility has a low-impact on its environment, especially in such a beautiful location” explains Project Manager Rebecca Swan. “We’ll be using eco-sanitation and safe waste-disposal as well as solar power and rain-water harvesting.“

Project Manager Rebecca Swan

Project Manager Rebecca Swan

It is expected that the Out-Patients Department will be finished and treating patients by August. Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga has pledged to donate beds to the maternity ward.

  1. March 27, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Such wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!! And good luck with it all!!! I admire all you do, and the tenacity, focus and staying power with which you continue to serve the community! :-))

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