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Linking nurseries around the world

Bufuka children looking at the scrapbook

Bufuka children looking at the scrapbook

The Edirisa UK  “Circle of Friends” is growing!

The “Circle of Friends” is a programme linking nursery schools throughout the world to share information, ideas and friendship, where children learn about diversity, cultures and different ways of life.

We started by linking our Bufuka Nursery (left) with the Montessori Nursery in St Albans, England http://albany-montessori.co.uk/ in February 2011 and our Ryabirengye Nursery with Vrtec Skofja Loka in Slovenia in September 2011.

Since then we have linked the Nyakasiru Nursery with Progress House Nursery in Market Harborough, England and the Kyabahinga Nursery with Young Discoverers Nursery in Helensvale, Australia.

Today we are pleased to welcome the Life Community Academy Nursery in Mukono, Uganda:

Life Community Academy children
Life Community Academy children

and the Vidya Pappankalan Nursery in New Delhi, India:

Vidya Pappakalan Nursery children
Vidya Pappakalan Nursery children

Paul, the headmaster at the Life Community Academy says:

“We are  interested in giving an opportunity to our children to become global citizens by understanding what is beyond their small communities right from the start.”

Living in an increasingly small world it is important to instill tolerance in children at this early stage of development when lifelong ideas and beliefs are formed.

Slovenian nursery

Slovenian nursery children and teachers

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