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Challenge Africa – Arrival and Preparation

Saturday June 16th & Sunday 17th

A very early start this morning.   The flights and general travel were without incident, but did begin with a negotiation.  Graham successfully convinced the check in staff that they didn’t need to charge me €150 to transport his bike to Rwanda, the final winning ploy was when it was pointed out that all this was in support of Edirisa, and we were sure Brussels Air would like the world to know that they supported this event.  Which we would advertise through all our on-line Blogs…..   Job done.

We arrived after dark and had little opportunity to do much, other than get some beers and extract some cash from the ATM,  the former achieved with some success, the latter abject failure.  TIA this is Africa and such things take time to sort.  The evening ended early when we repaired to our rooms.

Sunday is a free day, used to get everyone’s bike set up and attend the briefing for the following days’ activities and plans.

The afternoon was set aside for a visit to the Genocide memorial and museum.  A very informative and very disturbing experience.  The scale of the disaster is far greater than any of us had ever imagined and must have been terrible for those that experienced it.  The memorial is visited by families daily paying their respects to their family members who were lost in the tragedy.  Each month new bodies are found in graves in the countryside, they are repatriated to the memorial and re-interned, today there are over 250,000 people buried here.  Even this is less than a third of the total deaths that happened during April to June 1994.

As a very subdued group, we finish the day at a craft market, followed by dinner and an early night; we are up at 6 am to start the ride.

                                                                      The memorial & family paying their respects
                                                                                    Bike repairs and set-up
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