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Charity Golf Challenge in aid of the Special Needs Education Centre

Lynn and Will Dixon, parents of our Ugandan based Operations Manager – Lewis,   have just held an event in England to raise funds to pay the salary of a trained special needs teacher at the Special Needs Education Centre in Kitanga. It sounds like a huge amount of fun despite the weather – here is Lynn’s account of the day.

“It was a typically wet British Sunday in July and 18 couples were standing around in a picturesque country garden, munching on bacon and sausage rolls with coffee and orange juice, all having been cajoled into joining us on our experimental couples golf competition. Many were sporting colourful Pringle sweaters and clashingly bright checked shorts, the fellas were competitively eyeing up the opposition and the girls nervously wondering whether their footwear was really appropriate for the adverse weather conditions and how they could prevent their hair from going completely curly in the driving rain! Some were also secretly wishing they had taken their partners advice and actually had a go at hitting a golf ball with a club!

Nevertheless, after formally registering, paying the fees and listening intently to the rules and regulations, this hardy bunch gathered their umbrellas, children, goody bags and a couple more bacon rolls (just in case!) and re-convened – 2 couples per hole – on the 9 hole par 3 golf course at Colmworth, Bedfordshire.

We were all set and ready to play two rounds, and on the sound of the cowbell (!) each pair teed off and the game commenced. Shots were taken boy/girl in turn until the ball was secure in the hole and it wasn’t long before I looked across the course to see several couples thrashing away with clubs in the long grass, I assumed looking for lost balls, not taking their frustrations out on each other!

There were balls lost in the hedge, in the water and in the rough – one even bounced off a female competitors head! but throughout the game the sound of cheering, laughter and the odd squeal remained constant. Just as we all got to the half way mark – having played 9 holes – the heavens opened and the slow drizzle turned into torrential rain, after a quick run-around consultation it was agreed we abandon the game, settle the scores and dry out in the bar!

Following a couple of pints and a few tall stories, all the competitors and spectators – some taking a detour home to change out of soaking wet clothes – were gathered again in the garden at the Smithy where the BBQ was already laden with burgers and bangers and a tasty selection of salads were laid out. The sun then decided to make a welcome appearance.

The “Director of Golf” checked and re-checked the score cards and the leaderboard was filled in, all 18 couples stood on the lawn with bated breath to see the scores revealed. Bronze, silver and gold medals with corresponding pink and blue ribbons accompanied by a bottle of either Champagne or Port were presented to the winners, and “nearest to the pin” awards were also handed out along with the “wooden spoon” prize of an indoor practice putting set to the lowest scorers. Everyone was then invited to tuck into the BBQ and beers which we all did, well into the evening!

Judging from the comments and banter everyone had a great time and there were many requests for the Couples golf challenge to become an annual event – although i feel that there will be a few more practised golfers next time! – we raised an amazing £1800 on the day with further donations promised.

Many thanks to everyone for their hard work, generosity and for braving the weather. An all round great success!”

SNEC children

SNEC children

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Lynn and Will for raising such an incredible amount of money!



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