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Head of Nurseries writes about her experience in Kampala

Recently our Head of Nurseries went to Kampala to the Acorns School to see different methods of teaching. Here is her report:

“Thanks very much for having thought of the idea of taking me to an international school. I was happy with them, and they tried their level best to help me achieve what I achieved through discussions with teachers, administrators and taking part in all school activities, including in classrooms as well as outside.

During that time I achieved the following:
– How to deal with water play during teaching and learning
– Sand play when outside
– Story telling by both learners, and teachers by using the available books and stories for them
– How to use and promote ‘Jolly Phonics’ (a book Phionah was given from the school – it includes rhymes/songs to teach each sound in the English language. We’ve photocopied it for each school and Phionah is introducing it to each teacher) in the schools, instead of teaching the alphabet letters.
– How to use time properly by joining break and snack time.
– Library use by all the classes.
– Displaying learners work during learning, rather than putting work made by teachers on walls.
– Teachers to be with learners all the time when at school, including inside and outside activities.
– How to make message books to ease communication between parents, teachers and administrators.

With all the above achievements I am now trying very hard to promote them in all of our schools.  I am even willing to help in the Primary school in the future, as I also visited the primary section of the international school. During the first week I was at Nakasero helping in the Nursery, second week at Bukoto with upper classes. I now have the knowledge on how the children can learn by using the available resources with the help of their teachers, especially on reading and writing.

Being creative

Being creative

This is to inform you that our four nursery schools are now using new methods of teaching and now there is a great change in all our schools.

Bufuka and Kyabahinga:
Now we use circle time instead of standing in lines, they use water play as a method, story telling by both learners and teachers. We joined break and snack time to save time. We use stickers to motivate the learners use of different learning materials in the schools and outside. ‘Jolly Phonics’ includes songs and actions to learn phonetics, and English is the second language, so learners are now trying to speak a little English. Next year children will start using the library and have swimming lessons and we will introduce message books.

Nyakasiru and Ryabirengye:
The schools are also doing well with the same activities because I visited each school to introduce them and my plan is to keep visiting to know what they’ll be doing. At these nurseries volunteers are also taking part because me and Lewis discussed with them, what we need from them and they are happy to take part in all school activities.

In all four schools, children and teachers are busy preparing for the top class graduation by learning songs, games and other activities. Teachers are now happy and working to achieve the best in future with our children.

Also, now teachers teach while in the circle with all the children sitting on mats. That is to say, that teachers are not expected to teach while standing in front of the children. When it is time for writing, drawing or colouring, students sit at the tables and benches.

Thanks very much for the great support towards the development of our nursery schools and I am trying my best to achieve more.”

In the New Year we hope teachers from the Acorns School will visit our nurseries in the Kabale District to help to build on Phionah’s experience.

Circle time outside

Circle time outside

This is a very exciting time for our nursery schools – for teachers and children!

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