Water is Life

We all take fresh water for granted, but what would you do if the tap didn’t work?

With the help of the Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Department we have just installed another 8 four thousand litre water tanks in the Buranga District of the Kabale region. This brings our total to 80 tanks installed over the last 3 years.

New tank

New tank


These household tanks change the lives of the recipients who no longer have to walk miles to fetch their water. The tanks are installed at the homes of the elderly, disabled and HIV families.

Tank recipient

Tank recipient

Quote: ‘This is a God given tank; there are many other weak, old people like us who have been given tanks like us. We are very happy and grateful to those who provided the funds. We shall take care of the tank so that the water remains close by, as we know everything requires maintenance.

Tank recipients

Tank recipients


This is an extract from a letter of thanks:


Life has greatly changed since we got the water tanks as follows:

• We, the elderly, have water near our houses; we have enough to drink after boiling it.
• We are able to do work in time because the water is near by.
• Our children no longer suffer the burden of fetching water
• The level of sanitation and hygiene has greatly improved because we have enough water to clean our cloth, bath, and clean household utensils.

Even people who have not befitted from the tanks are also happy that their neighbors have received the tanks benefited because they sometimes share the water.


Water provision can be a challenge to those living with HIV and their care-givers. Culturally it’s a child’s job to fetch water for the family, with children in rural areas travelling long distances with no guarantee that the water source is clean and safe. Being given a rainwater-harvesting tank means a clean source of water, which highly reduces their risk of secondary infection.

The area is very hilly and is home to approx. 26,200 residents. Typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, clay walls and corrugated tin roofs.

Rev Reuben checking the tap

Rev Reuben checking the tap

A household water tanks costs around £400 – this includes training in maintenance and sanitation. Our programme is ongoing and donations are gratefully accepted
at http://www.edirisa.org.uk/Donate.html

  1. February 11, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    I enjoyed reading this good news. I’ve been writing a short series on water issues to bring about awareness. In the next few decades water is going to be the big issue for many that are not prepared. Thanks for your work.

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