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Nightrider – London 8th & 9th June 2013

During the night of 8th/9th June three of our trustees together with four other supporters pedalled 100km around London raising funds for us!  Some cyclist set off from Alexandra Palace whilst others left from Crystal Palace – our guys went from Alexandra Palace.

Ready to go

Ready to go

How did they find it?? Would they do it again??

Observations from Simon Carter, Trustee : 

–          London is NOT FLAT!

–          Are there more foxes than people in London?

–          Do I look that stupid every time ‘I’ get drunk?

–          Traffic lights….why?!

–          Speed bumps – rubbish on the up hills, but make fantastic jumps on the downhills!

–          Water breaks, missed two of them!

–          Signage – took two wrong turns nearly ended up in Brighton at one point!

–          5 hours to complete…not bad for a first go.

Would I do it next year – DEFINITELY

Simon ready for the off!

Simon ready for the off!

Comments from Paul Mitcham – aka Ron:

  • Cycling in central London at night is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Despite the slight detours the route was really well marked out.
  • The cobbled streets in Wapping are littered with bike busting pot-holes.
  • Great atmosphere.
  • Traffic lights are not your friends when you’re on a drop handlebar bike and clipped in shoes.
  • Best bit – ‘Racing’ around Canary Wharf in the early hours on closed streets.

Given Simon’s apparent enthusiasm to do it all again then I would too.

Ron about to go!

Ron about to go!

Graham Carter who also participated in Edirisa’s “Challenge Africa”  last year said this:

A great night out!  I had one memorable moment when coming to a set of traffic lights at about 4am.  The lights changed and three very drunk girls stepped into the road, I skidded to a halt coming to a stop as they were running back to the pavement shouting “no don’t stop keep going”!  They then thanked me for actually managing to stop and cheered me on.

Graham on Tower Bridge

Graham on Tower Bridge

Tim Constable, Trustee, and also a Challenge Africa participant reported on facebook when he got home:

OK – well that’s over.  Everything hurts. My toes hurt. Is that normal? Came home and hit the neurofen, bath, stella but to no avail so far. Wife unsympathetic!

Mark Shields said:

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the Nightrider event, I had a fantastic time and hope that I can do it again next year. On the whole it was great fun though the last 20km were a little more challenging! We chatted to a couple of people at the finish whilst having a cup of tea, discussing how great it was to have finished, unfortunately it was only their halfway point! We felt pretty sorry for them.

Mark and Graham at the end

Mark and Graham at the end

Chris Mee, Trustee, and also a Challenge Africa participant:

It was a lot harder than I’d hoped and I definitely struggled for the last 20 miles at 4am in the morning!

Chris at the end of the ride

Chris at the end of the ride

Everyone agreed it had been a great experience so roll on Nightrider 2014!

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