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Fundraising for Health Clinic Staff Houses

February 21, 2017 2 comments

Edirisa UK is very excited to announce our new partnership with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubjlana, Slovenia!


Danaja Vastic from the University of Ljubjlana

We are raising funds for staff housing at the clinic on Bwama Island and architecture Masters student Danaja Vastic will design and supervise the build.

Please help us by donating.

In 2012 we opened a clinic on Bwama Island on Lake Bunyonyi in south west Uganda, which is operated in partnership with the Tropical Diseases Section of the Faculty of Medicine at the University. Before this the nearest medical facility was over 10km away in Kabale. The clinic has already made a big impact on the local community. It is totally free of charge and is the major primary care provider in the Lake area. In the year ended 30th June 2016 there were 41,906 patients treated, 115 babies delivered and 820 dental patients seen. It has become a vital facility.

But there is no housing for staff.

The clinic is centrally located on an island in the lake so that it is accessible to all the communities around. The main form of transport in the area is by canoe.  With no housing for staff it is difficult to provide medical services out of hours, e.g. should a patient fall ill over night or a lady go into labour. The overnight ward has not even opened yet due to lack of housing.  There is little local accommodation available and we face staff attraction and retention issues.

We want to fix this situation so that the clinic is well staffed and can operate to its full capacity.

Under the direction of Professor Anja Planiscek, architecture Masters student Danaja Vastic will design and supervise the build of the staff housing complex. Danaja and three of her fellow students will travel to Uganda in late June to commence the building work. Take a look at the first draft of the plans.

Aerial of clinic

Danaja Vastic is doing her Masters at the university and this project will form part of her finals. The designs will incorporate local materials and innovative ideas. A local builder and local workers will assist in the build. This is a project that can be completed in stages and as the health centre grows we will be able to add more housing units.

We have already raised £13,000 but we need £30,000. This is a huge challenge but we are positive!

If we don’t raise the full amount we will build what we can. The more money we raise the more houses we can build. Any extra we raise will enable us to put in solar panels. So every contribution, however small, will improve the situation at the clinic.

Please help us to raise the funds for this project. Your support is so important and even the smallest contribution is welcome. Thank you.

You can read the full annual report of the clinic here.


Doctors On Bwama Island

April 5, 2016 3 comments

Short report from the medical doctors from Slovenia who worked at the Bwama Health Centre.

Aerial of clinic

The Bwama Health Centre is a fine example of international cooperation, in this case, the cooperation of Slovenian doctors and nurses that work within the section of tropical medicine of the medical faculty of the University of Ljubljana,  Edirisa UK and the Ugandan public health services. Staff from Slovenia have been coming regularly to this part of Uganda since 2006, trying to provide a steady and quality health service for the people living in the vicinity of Lake Bunyonyi.

Daily we examined on average forty to fifty patients during our regular hours and emergency cases and deliveries at other times in the day or night. In 2015 over 3,000 adults and 8,000 children were examined and 96 babies delivered.

Waiting area May 2014

Our working day starts with taking patients’ vitals and writing them in the patients books. The work then continues in our examination rooms, where we talk to and examine our patients with the help of translators. When we reach a diagnosis, the patient goes to the pharmacy, gets written into the registry for the purposes of the local district health officer, and receives the proper medicine. If they require additional treatment or diagnostics, unavailable at our health centre, they are referred to Kabale regional hospital – 10 km away.  During our time at the island we have had quite a few baby deliveries, and more are to be expected to come, when the new maternity ward will be operational. For now, many women still chose to give birth at home, which is partly the reason for a high perinatal children mortality rate. The clinic is offering ante natal visits and maternity aftercare which is making a big difference. All these services are offered free of charge.

The outpatients clinic, built by Edirisa UK and equipped by us, has three examination rooms; a small laboratory with equipment for basic tests; pharmacy; storage room; room for dental services and a room for measuring vital signs of the patients. Medicines are provided by the government and part by the funds gathered in Slovenia. Power for the clinic is from solar panels which we have been slowly increasing. There is now enough power for the use of our dental chair, which we brought with us from Slovenia.

Bwama C3

The local people had not seen anything like it – it moves!

The other part of the building is the staff quarters for visiting doctors –  a living room and kitchen area and two bedrooms. This part is only used by Slovenian doctors and other staff while they are working at Bwama. Outside of this building, there is also a small shower and toilet facilities for us and separate facilities for the patients.

The other building is a maternity ward, part built by the Government and being finished by Edirisa UK, it is almost completed and now needs equipping.

We believe the clinic is a cause well worth supporting and it is our hope that cooperation between the three parties involved continues for years to come.

Uganda 2014 139

A group of doctors who worked at the clinic



HAPPY NEW YEAR and read all about 2015

December 31, 2015 Leave a comment

Nursery kids July 2015

Wishing all our friends and supporters all the very best for a Happy and Prosperous 2016

Click here to read our 2015 newsletter and find what we have been doing in Uganda

Rita’s Progress

January 9, 2015 Leave a comment

On February 17th, 2013 Rita left Uganda with her aunt, Linate, headed for Aswan Health Centre in Egypt. A week later Sir Magdi Yacoub  performed heart surgery on Rita and he was able to repair, rather than replace, the damaged valves. As Chain of Hope covered the cost of the flights and the operation some of the funds we raised were spent on a monitoring machine for Kabale Hospital and for 2 years of follow up appointments and medicine.

Over the last 2 years Rita and her mother have travelled to Kampala every 3 months for her follow up examinations and treatment and we are happy to report that she has made amazing progress and has been back at school now for over a year.

In December I attended a Chain of Hope Carol Concert in London and had the opportunity to thank Sir Magdi personally. I will be sending this lovely photograph of Rita and her mother to Chain of Hope and maybe can persuade them to send a team to visit our clinic on Bwama Island one day!

Rita and Mama

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Clinic outreach and workshops

January 21, 2014 Leave a comment

The doctors and medics from the University of Slovenia Tropical Medical School have been working hard at our clinic on Bwama Island and in addition are also running small outreach clinics and health workshops in the community.

Last week they visited The Full Gospel Church in Kabale. The Church run a street children rehabilitation program in partnership with Koinonia ministries.They have 15 children who live at the church full-time and 10 or more who come during the day.

The day the doctors arrived there were a total of 27 children and they were taught about how to prevent diseases by practicing good hygiene, dental hygiene, nutrition, and HIV prevention.

All the children were medically examined and treated where necessary, they had their teeth examined and 6 children had teeth extracted.

Everyone was given a tooth-brush and toothpaste and the project was giving de worming tablets for the children.



The doctors will be returning to do HIV testing next week.

Thanks to our Operations Manager, George, for organising this workshop and special thanks to the doctors.

Operation Success and a New Life for Rita!

March 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Young Rita and her family are very grateful to our ex Operations Manager, Rebecca Swan, who fundraised and organised Rita’s life saving heart operation in Egypt! Rita is now on her way home to Uganda but last week Rebecca visited her at the Aswan Heart Centre.

Rita at homewith her sister prior to her operation

Rita at homewith her sister prior to her operation

Rebecca says:

“I visited Rita in Aswan to see how she was getting on after her operation. It was one of the most joyful and inspiring trips of my life. It has been a crazy few months and there were some awful moments when we worried it might not happen at all.

Rita at Entebbe airport leaving for Egypt

Rita at Entebbe airport leaving for Egypt

On February 17th Rita left Uganda with her aunt, Linate headed for Aswan Health Centre in Egypt. A week later Sir Magdi Yacoub  performed the surgery and he was able to repair, rather than replace the damaged valves, meaning that Rita will not need life-long anti-coagulation medication as expected. As Chain of Hope had covered the cost of the flights some of the funds we raised were spent on a monitoring machine for Kabale Hospital.

I visited Rita a week later. It was completely awe-inspiring. The hospital is purpose-built and Chain of Hope brings children from all over Africa to receive surgery there.

Rita at Aswan

Rita at Aswan after the op

All the swelling of Rita’s face had gone down and her confidence was already improving; she was actually asking me to take photos of her. It was so wonderful to behold and I was completely overcome with gratitude for all the people who made it happen. I’m not usually overly emotional, and can be quite a cynic at times, but seeing Rita walking around her room, smiling and posing for the camera made my heart swell.

She will soon be home and after a couple of months getting her strength up, she should be able to walk to school with her sisters. She’s still planning to be a nurse in Bwama Health Centre. Thanks to Chain of Hope and all the people who donated and helped her she finally has a chance to make it happen. Absolutely amazing!”

Rita and Rebecca

Rita and Rebecca

Well done Rebecca and HUGE thanks to Chain of Hope and all at the Aswan Heart Centre. We wish Rita continuing good health and all at Edirisa look forward to welcoming her back to Bufuka.

Help us to help Rita!

November 21, 2012 1 comment

The team in Uganda are very excited to have heard that Rebecca Swan (our Project Manager) has been successful in her attempts to find an organisation to accept a young child from Bufuka  for life-saving heart surgery.



Katushabe Rita is twelve years old and was once a student at the Edirisa Nursery school in Bufuka. She enjoyed school but was unable to participate in games time because she became tired quickly and had an abnormally fast heartbeat. When she finished top class she dropped out of education because she was too weak to walk anywhere. The volunteer doctors from Slovenia realised that she had a heart problem and referred her to Mulago hospital in Kampala (Uganda’s capital).

The Uganda Heart Institute confirmed that Rita was suffering from Rheumatic Heart Disease and would need to be referred for surgery in the near future. Unfortunately the family were unable to afford treatment and regular visits to Kampala so Rita remained home for four years without medication.

Through a series of fortunate circumstances Rebecca met Rita earlier this year and learned of her story since leaving our nursery school. At that time she was suffering from severe stomach and chest pains and had grown very shy having spent so much time isolated from all but her family. The disease had obviously worsened; her breathing was very shallow, she had a distended stomach and oedema of the legs. Her face was aged beyond her years and she looked like a pregnant skeleton, weighing only 22kg. Her mother told us that sometimes she “hated herself” and would sink into depression.

Within a few days of meeting Rebecca managed to get her to Mulago hospital where she remained for three weeks awaiting various tests. During that time Rebecca researched the possible avenues of funding for surgery abroad. We had learnt that one of the valves in Rita’s heart was damaged and would need replacing. The Uganda Heart Institute don’t have the facilities to perform valve replacement surgery yet so patients must pay for private, international surgery. For families such as Rita’s, who have trouble funding a journey to Kampala alone, this is an impossible feat. Luckily there are various international organisations who sponsor surgery for children such as Rita and so Rebecca set about contacting them.

The applications all required various tests and referrals and thanks to the generosity of friends and family Rebecca managed to pay for all of the medical/transport costs. Rita started a new course of medicine that helped to stabilise her condition and she became much more positive about her future. She told us that if she got better she would study to become a nurse and would like to work in Edirisa’s new clinic on Bwama Island (which Rebecca has project managed).

Rebecca sent of the applications and after waiting impatiently for two months has finally got the positive news: The Chain of Hope Charity will sponsor Rita’s surgery at the Aswan Heart Centre in Egypt! Her surgery will take place in January and will be performed by world-renowned heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub.

In a recent meeting with Rita’s cardiologist when asked if Rita understood the surgery as she seems so calm about it all, her mother said that she understands the dangers but that she is in so much pain that she wants it to happen as soon as possible. She keeps asking: “Why can’t we go tomorrow?”

However, Chain of Hope cannot sponsor the flights or passports and visas – once in Egypt everything else will be covered. We need to raise £1,500 for everything needed to get Rita and her mum to Egypt so we are asking all of our supporters if they can help by making a small donation to the Virgin Money Giving page that Rebecca and the Edirisa team in Uganda have set up – Every little helps, if we can get everyone to donate a small amount we will get there.

A big thank you to Darrell and Diane Swan who have contributed most of the medical fees so far.  It’s wonderful to think that in London offices, Egyptian hospitals and homes all around the world there are people who all want to help a child thousands of miles away in a tiny village.

Well done Rebecca – this is a great achievement!