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Primary School Children Get Drawing

May 10, 2014 1 comment

A few weeks ago Anja, from Slovenia, undertook an Art Project with the children at Ryabirengye and Nyakasiru Primary Schools. Here is her report on her experiences and the results of her project.

In the first two weeks I was observing the children and trying to figure out where I could help and make their education better and mostly more interesting for them. As it was already in the middle of a term I decided to teach art and make my own art project.

Goal: To awake their creativity and present it at the exhibition in the classrooms.
Methods: Photography and story writing, different topics for drawings.

Drawing class April 2014

The first week we covered the topics of “family”, “friendship” and “favourite food”

Drawing lesson at Ryabirengye April 2014

Followed by “What they want to Become”, “Animals in Nature” and “Home and Family”

Drawings from Nyakasiru Primary

I had two photography classes with P5 at Ryabirengye and Nyakasiru. I gave children my little camera, explained to them how to take photos and told them to take a photo of a place around the school that is most important to them/ or of where they like to spend time the most. Children took photos of different places and they seemed to really enjoy it. I printed out the photos in Kabale and a week later I came with photos and papers. I gave each of them one photo that they took and told them to write a true story about the photo or about the place (about something that happened there).

With P5 and P4 we also drew “What they want to become in the future?” They really enjoyed to do something different and therefore they were really looking forward to drawing classes. It’s a shame they don’t practice more of art during the whole school year. I chose this topic because this was the most interesting topic for me to make the exhibition out of- as a reminder and motivation! I put their drawings on the back wall of their classrooms.
Nyakasiru drawings April 2014

Later teachers and pupils  came to view the pictures and talk about them

Nyakasiru drawings on display April 2014

Thanks Anja for all the hard work – we hope one day Art will be one of the subjects on the primary school timetable!


A Health Workshop at Ryabirengye Primary School

December 7, 2011 Leave a comment
A lesson on health

A lesson on health

Last week marked World AIDS day and Edirisa Volunteers have been doing their part to educate children at our Teach Inn Bukinda location. Maria Ebert and Johanna Kreft have already gained a reputation as honorary “Muzungu doctors” in the Ryabirengye community having spent the past few months providing antiseptics and bandages to injured children and accompanying extreme cases to the local health centre.  Building on their success they worked with teachers and district health officers to provide a full day of health education at Ryabirengye Primary School.

Workshops included; HIV (led by Dr. Immaculate), Sanitation and Cleanliness (led by Dr Moses), Malaria (led by Dr. Peter), Adolescent Health for Girls (led by Agata and Naomi, medical students), Adolescent Health for Boys (led by Headmaster Kenneth) and First Aid (led by Phionah, medical student).

Maria cooking lunch

Maria cooking lunch

The day was a resounding success, and even teachers found they had added to their knowledge of health issues. The District Health Officer was also impressed by the work the girls have done and is looking forward to working with Edirisa on more Health Education projects in future.

A huge congratulations to Maria and Johanna who funded and organised the whole day (including a home-cooked local meal for the guest speakers). Their hard-work and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated by the community and by Edirisa UK.

Children in the Health Workshop

Children in the Health Workshop

I said a hip hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip, hip hop, a you don’t stop…

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently, a talented group of professional Hip Hop artists from Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, donated their time to head down to South West Uganda to host a week long hip hop workshop for the children at Ryabirengye School.

Hip Hop Week, Bukinda, Uganda

Hip Hop Week, Bukinda, Uganda

The children were divided into groups according to their chosen activity and spent the week working towards a showcase that was held on the Saturday morning. The activities ranged from break dancing to comedy drama, rapping to riddles, and bit boxing to poetry! Expecting the children to be shy and unsure, volunteers were thrilled at the children’s enthusiasm. By the end of the second day they could hear budding rappers and see break-dancers in training everywhere! When Saturday came around teachers, parents and other children turned out to watch and, despite the rain, it was a great success.

We are thrilled at the outcome of the week, very impressed with the children’s talents and grateful for this opportunity. The group from Kampala did a great job connecting with the students and really managed to get the most out of them. And as enjoyable as it was for the children, it was also rewarding for the teachers. They supported the whole event, helped with translation and daily organisation and came away with a broader understanding of the benefits of extra curricular activities.