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Fundraising for Health Clinic Staff Houses

February 21, 2017 2 comments

Edirisa UK is very excited to announce our new partnership with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubjlana, Slovenia!


Danaja Vastic from the University of Ljubjlana

We are raising funds for staff housing at the clinic on Bwama Island and architecture Masters student Danaja Vastic will design and supervise the build.

Please help us by donating.

In 2012 we opened a clinic on Bwama Island on Lake Bunyonyi in south west Uganda, which is operated in partnership with the Tropical Diseases Section of the Faculty of Medicine at the University. Before this the nearest medical facility was over 10km away in Kabale. The clinic has already made a big impact on the local community. It is totally free of charge and is the major primary care provider in the Lake area. In the year ended 30th June 2016 there were 41,906 patients treated, 115 babies delivered and 820 dental patients seen. It has become a vital facility.

But there is no housing for staff.

The clinic is centrally located on an island in the lake so that it is accessible to all the communities around. The main form of transport in the area is by canoe.  With no housing for staff it is difficult to provide medical services out of hours, e.g. should a patient fall ill over night or a lady go into labour. The overnight ward has not even opened yet due to lack of housing.  There is little local accommodation available and we face staff attraction and retention issues.

We want to fix this situation so that the clinic is well staffed and can operate to its full capacity.

Under the direction of Professor Anja Planiscek, architecture Masters student Danaja Vastic will design and supervise the build of the staff housing complex. Danaja and three of her fellow students will travel to Uganda in late June to commence the building work. Take a look at the first draft of the plans.

Aerial of clinic

Danaja Vastic is doing her Masters at the university and this project will form part of her finals. The designs will incorporate local materials and innovative ideas. A local builder and local workers will assist in the build. This is a project that can be completed in stages and as the health centre grows we will be able to add more housing units.

We have already raised £13,000 but we need £30,000. This is a huge challenge but we are positive!

If we don’t raise the full amount we will build what we can. The more money we raise the more houses we can build. Any extra we raise will enable us to put in solar panels. So every contribution, however small, will improve the situation at the clinic.

Please help us to raise the funds for this project. Your support is so important and even the smallest contribution is welcome. Thank you.

You can read the full annual report of the clinic here.


Linking nurseries around the world

Bufuka children looking at the scrapbook

Bufuka children looking at the scrapbook

The Edirisa UK  “Circle of Friends” is growing!

The “Circle of Friends” is a programme linking nursery schools throughout the world to share information, ideas and friendship, where children learn about diversity, cultures and different ways of life.

We started by linking our Bufuka Nursery (left) with the Montessori Nursery in St Albans, England in February 2011 and our Ryabirengye Nursery with Vrtec Skofja Loka in Slovenia in September 2011.

Since then we have linked the Nyakasiru Nursery with Progress House Nursery in Market Harborough, England and the Kyabahinga Nursery with Young Discoverers Nursery in Helensvale, Australia.

Today we are pleased to welcome the Life Community Academy Nursery in Mukono, Uganda:

Life Community Academy children
Life Community Academy children

and the Vidya Pappankalan Nursery in New Delhi, India:

Vidya Pappakalan Nursery children
Vidya Pappakalan Nursery children

Paul, the headmaster at the Life Community Academy says:

“We are  interested in giving an opportunity to our children to become global citizens by understanding what is beyond their small communities right from the start.”

Living in an increasingly small world it is important to instill tolerance in children at this early stage of development when lifelong ideas and beliefs are formed.

Slovenian nursery

Slovenian nursery children and teachers